Outsmart Your Fork!

We are excited and pleased to announce that the Outsmart Your Fork! Mindful Nutrition Plan is now available! Working closely with Biotics Research, one of the Nation's leading nutrition companies, Dr. Pustaver and Dr. Shmukler, have created a brain-based, anti-inflammatory, 10-Week Mindful Nutrition Plan for Permanent Weight Loss .

In the book, the Drs detailed how to transition from Mindless Unhealthy Eating to Mindful Healthy Eating and ultimately, to Mindless Healthy Eating. In order to do this, the brain, and the body, need to have vital nutrition and an internal environment as free from inflammation and toxins as possible.

Our 10-Week Mindful Nutrition Plan for Permanent Weight Loss includes 3 steps of nutritional support that provide you with the nutrition needed to successfully overcome the brain-fork, stress-fork, and food-fork roadblocks...leading you to long-term weight-loss, the end if yo-yo dieting, and ultimately a healthy lifestyle transformation.

Step One consists of a hypo-allergenic diet along with inflammation modulation supplements, a high quality protein for your daily breakfast, and nutritional support to help with stress-management.

Step Two consists of a high-quality protein for your daily breakfast, along with a packet of unique nutritional supplements to address some of the most common underlying causes of chronic health challenges (including weight loss) by enhancing the body's ability to reduce inflammation, eliminates toxins, and improve digestion.

Step Three consists of the core brain-health nutrition and long-term foundational nutrition for optimal health, sustained stress and weight-management.

The plan also comes with 8 pages of delicious, healthy recipes. In addition, you will receive a refrigerator magnet and a wristband, that remind you to "Be Mindful," and to "Outsmart Your Fork!" We also include a copy of our book, Outsmart Your Fork! which the whole program is based.

The 10-Week Mindful Nutrition Plan for Permanent Weight Loss is designed to give you the greatest probability of success to reach and maintain a healthy weight. There are no quick-fixes, magic pills, or special potions. If you're tired and frustrated with the endless cycle of yo-yo dieting, it's time for a change! Now is the time to start on the journey to a healthier, more active, and more abundant life.

Commit to a healthier you by following the Outsmart Your Fork! Mindful Nutrition Plan for Permanent Weight Loss...10 Weeks is all it takes to change your life!