WholeLife Rx- Outsmart Your Fork


We are excited, and pleased, to announce that the Outsmart Your Fork! and Pustaver Chiropractic Care have joined forces with Biotics Research, one of the Nation's leading nutrition companies, to present the WholeLifeRx Lifestyle Medicine Program.

In their book, 'Outsmart Your Fork!' Dr.s Pustaver and Shmukler detailed how to transition from Mindless Unhealthy Eating to Mindful Healthy Eating and ultimately, to Mindless Healthy Eating. In order to do this, the brain, and the body, need to have vital nutrition and an internal environment as free from inflammation and toxins as possible.

The WholeLifeRx Lifestyle Medicine Program is the next phase for Outsmart Your Fork! This 12 Week program address the 5 Pillars of Health: Detox, Nutrition, Movement, Mindset and Restoration. The WholeLifeRx program is the perfect complement to Outsmart Your Fork!, as it was designed to help you implement critical lifestyle changes easily, so you can enjoy the benefits of lifelong health.
5 Pillars of Health:

Detox: The body knows how to clear itself of toxins, but in a world filled with ever-increasing toxin load, our bodies need nutritional support to bolster our innate detoxification ability. In the past 30 years, we've seen an exponential increase in numbers of pesticides, herbicides, and industrial chemicals that enter our food, water, and air supplies. Detoxification support can help eliminate toxins that build up in our organs and tissues, which can wreak havoc on your health.

Nutrition: Research has shown that a healthy gut needs to be central to any healthy weight management program. Therefore, WholeLifeRx provides a clean eating plan and great tasting meal replacement powders and supplements that upgrade the health of your gut and help you achieve optimal metabolism and weight.

Movement: A clear link between sedentary lifestyles and developing chronic illnesses like Type II diabetes, obesity, and metabolic syndrome exists. Simple daily movement helps maintain and improve health. Movement activates all of the systems in the body, speeds up the breakdown and elimination of all waste, and offers a wide range of evidence-based health benefits from reversing chronic health conditions to boosting longevity.

Mindset: How we think influences how we feel and behave, both critical in health outcomes. Positive thinking has been shown to improve the immune system, increase resilience and even contribute to longevity. WholeLifeRx and Outsmart Your Fork! help you to learn how to maximize this potent influence on your health.

Restoration: Restore everyday; taking time out for yourself replenishes energy stores , aids in detoxification, boosts brain and body functions and boosts the immune system. Restoration is not limited to high quality sleep, but includes short walks, or jogs in nature, mindfulness practices, deep breathing exercises, gentle yoga, listening to uplifting or relaxing music, and even a shower or bath. Restorative exercises provide mental and physical benefits that contribute to your overall health and well-being.

Achieving optimal health doesn't have to be hard, as a matter fact, it should be fun! So whether you're feeling like you need to clean up your diet, sleep better, exercise more, or just learn to think better, this program is for you! With baseline testing, personalized health protocols, dietary adjustments and lifestyle support, Outsmart Your Fork! and WholeLifeRX can help you reclaim your health.
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